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Fred's SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner

Fred’s SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner is a special formula designed to safely clean your unwaxed* polyurethane finished and laminate wood floors. Fred’s SoClean is also great on sealed wood cabinets and laminate counters. Fred’s SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner will leave your floors noticeably cleaner and brighter than the leading brand name product! This is because Fred’s SoClean doesn’t have an alcohol base, so your floors will not dull or have any residue when you are finished!!  Streak Free beautiful floors are easy with Fred’s SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner. This product will outperform all other wood floor cleaning products on the market, guaranteed!

  • Safe for all Sealed Wood & Laminate Surfaces
  • Safe Simple Spray & Wipe Formula
  • Can be Used Daily to Remove Dirt & Grime
  • Neutral pH, No dulling Residue
  • No Solvents, Harsh Acids or Abrasives
  • Fresh Orange Sent
  • Can be Used to clean Sealed Wood Cabinets

Price: $17.99 (Quart)

Size: 32 fl. oz / 1 Quart spray bottle 

How to use: Use with microfiber mops, washable dust mops, microfiber towels.

Directions: Always vacuum before cleaning your wood floor. Lightly mist a 4×4 area of floor with SoClean. Using Fred’s Microfiber Mop with microfiber pad, wipe the floor with a side-to-side arcing motion while applying moderate pressure. Work your way backwards out of a room by repeating process one area at a time. Spray extra SoClean directly onto sticky or stubborn spots and wipe clean with Microfiber Cloths. For cleaning other surfaces, spray directly on to surface or onto microfiber towel and wipe surface clean.

Important: Due to wide variety and difference of each surface, test on small inconspicuous area to assure compatibility. User must determine stability of the product for their intended use. *On waxed floors, SoClean may over time remove wax requiring it to be re-waxed.

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