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Dirt Devil Paper Bag Type U 3 pk - Genuine


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Genuine Type U bags - 3pk

Genuine Type U bags. Includes 3 bags per pack. 

Part number 3920047001 is compatible with models M086020, M086300, M086030, M086310, M086370CA, M085600, M086410, M086010, M086420, MRY7050, M085570, M086300CA, M086305CA, M089200, M086320, M086320CA, M086425RC, M086430, M085585, M086035, M085610RDI, M086500CA, M086305, MRY6000, M086325CA, M089400, M085575, M085610RED, M086305B, M086345, M086310CA, M086325, M086350, R086300, M086505, M086425, M086550, M085650, M086520, M086400RC, M086320B, M086510RC, M086500, M086540, M086321, M085580, M086345B, M086365, M089410, M089470, M086430CA, M086435, M085585RED, M086365WCA, M086400, M086505CA, UR30080, M086340, M086500B, M089220, M086370, M086420CA, MRY6000PS, UD30000, M085700, M085610, M086350CA, M086330, M086325HD, M086325B, M086315, M086345TT.

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